Homebirth is the root of midwifery care and is always an option for our clients. All of our equipment is mobile, including the waterbirth pool. Giving birth at home represents the best of both worlds: the warmth, comfort and privacy of home, with the security and safety of a highly-skilled midwife and assistant, providing optimal care. Through inclusive prenatal care and close monitoring of the laboring woman, we maintain safety and comfort for our clients. Certified midwives are trained and prepared to manage the rare cases of emergency with approved standard of practice protocols. In the event of a transfer to the hospital, the family will be continuously accompanied by the midwife, where she will collaborate with medical staff to provide necessary care.

Studies have shown that with healthy, low-risk pregnancies, planned out-of-hospital birth is as safe — and in some cases, safer — than hospital birth. Comprehensive and personal prenatal care, an informed, conscientious parent, along with excellent consultative obstetrical relationships, help ensure the safest passage of you and your baby.

My homebirth experience was everything I had dreamed it would be. I was able to be in my home with my family where I was most comfortable and able to focus on bringing a healthy baby into the world. I will forever be thankful for the expertise of the midwives at the Concord Birth Center. They were compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. I felt completely secure trusting them to ensure a safe birth.

I looked forward to going to the birth center for my routine check ups. I was able to bring my 2 older girls along with me who felt so proud to be included. The midwives always showed genuine interest and concern of my overall well being. It was very clear to me that they were passionate about their work.

When I was in labor I called them and they came to our house. They allowed me and my husband to work together while they were busy setting up and getting ready. They were there for me if I needed them, while giving our family space to be together. They were nurturing and professional at the same time. I was never worried about my safety, or that of my new baby.

After the baby was born, they ensured that the baby and I were stable and nursing well, and then they left. It was perfect. It gave our family time to bond without being at the hospital where we may have been limited by visiting hours or interrupted by hospital staff. They visited the following day at our house to make sure that things were still going well. I never had to leave the comfort of my home or family.

I wish that I had used the Concord Birth Center for all three of my children. It was a wonderful experience from the first time I met them until the last follow-up appointment. I have nothing but positive feelings from my experience and I am happy to share them with anyone considering a home birth. I thank all of the midwives at Concord Birth Center from the bottom of my heart!
— Amy Goulas