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"While there are so many great things we can say about our care at the Concord Birth Center, the most remarkable aspect to our experience was the care we received from the midwives after we had to transfer care to a hospital near the end of the pregnancy and the care we received after giving birth to our son. Those were the most trying times for us and also the times they came through with the greatest level of support. Not only did they facilitate the transfer of care to be as seamless as possible for us but they continued to be a pillar of support even as we were monitored in the hospital setting. And as heartbroken as we were to have to give birth in a hospital, we were still able to have one of our midwives come and provide support for the entire labor and delivery and provide care afterward. We were also visited several times in the hospital by the midwives and then the care we received after going home was incredible. In particular, the support we received with breastfeeding we honestly feel was the difference between the fact that we are now 2 months strong into breastfeeding versus the possibility that we may have ended up feeding formula. That alone is invaluable. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with these amazing women and hope to again in the near future." 

—- Bobbi, Ryan, and Desmond McDermott


"Words can not do justice. It was such a great experience. Everything went so quickly and I attribute that to the trust I had in the midwives and student midwives. If I could do it all over again with the concord birth center, I would in a heart beat."

 — Ashley Twardosky

"After seeing the birth center for the first time I knew it was where I needed to have my baby. It was like walking into a home. Kate and Cindy were so welcoming and just had a peacefulness about them. I knew this would be the perfect place to birth my baby naturally, and in water and to mentally heal from my previous traumatic birth. When I showed up in transition I was welcomed with counter pressure and a smile! Everything and everyone was relaxed and I was able to retreat into myself to help move my baby down. I felt so in control of my own labor, yet supported by strong women. My son was born in the water only a few short hours after arrival. I can’t even fully describe how amazing it felt to have a baby this way. Concord Birth Center gave me a place to call home, to have my baby they way I wanted."

— Brooklyn Rae Logan


"I came to the birth center when I was pregnant with our first child. I knew that I did not want to have my baby in a hospital but also was unsure of having my baby at home. I was intrigued with the thought of a freestanding birth center, and knew from the moment my husband and I first had our tour that we had found the perfect alternative. Throughout my pregnancy I was treated with care and respect. We were encouraged to ask questions and we were provided with information to make decisions we were comfortable with.

When I went into labor, Cindy and Kate met us at the Birth Center and allowed me to labor freely. They quietly observed and made helpful suggestions, only when they thought I might benefit. Because of the information I had been given and the extensive prenatal appointments leading up to the birth, I felt knowledgeable and prepared for what my body was doing. Our daughter was born by candlelight in the early hours of a warm summer morning. It was a more beautiful and empowering experience than I ever could have imagined. I knew without question when I became pregnant again two years later that I would return to the Birth Center.

Returning to the Birth Center felt like reuniting with friends. I was treated with the same care as with my first pregnancy. When we arrived at the Birth Center for the birth of our second child we were welcomed by Kate and Cindy and a candlelit birthing room. I talked and laughed with everyone between contractions. During my contractions Kate and Cindy respected my need for quiet concentration and allowed me to labor the way I needed. Our son was born a few short hours later.

When I tell people I truly loved being pregnant and I loved my labors and delivery, they look at me like I’m crazy. I credit the Birth Center and the phenomenal midwives who work with extraordinary grace for my positive experiences. I feel grateful every time I think about my son and daughter being welcomed into this world by such loving hands and for the empowerment and joy I was able to experience.

— Chelsea Poisson