The Concord Birth Center

The Concord Birth Center is a NH state licensed outpatient healthcare facility. It is located one mile off I-93 in Concord NH, in a beautiful historic brick building on the Merrimack River. The private birthing suites are designed with labor and birthing in mind; a safe, comfortable environment, freedom of movement, outdoor grounds to wander, private bathrooms, optimal positioning apparatus, waterbirth pools, music, etc. in a free-standing building where noise is not an issue.

I had my first baby on October 1st of this year at the Concord Birth Center. My experience was unquestionably pure, amazing, intense, and beautiful. What I loved most about my experience at the birth center is the empowerment I was given by Kate and her team. Throughout my prenatal care there I never felt pressured to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with and was given the guidance I needed to have a healthy pregnancy and the confidence to have an inspirational, natural birth. Kate and her birth team make you feel confident, strong, and comfortable. Between Kate, Brynn and my husband there was never a moment of doubt throughout my birthing experience. After our son Waylen was born Kate took the time to make sure he was a healthy thriving baby boy, then she assisted to make sure he was latched on and I did not have any troubles with breastfeeding from that point forward. My personal feelings about the birth center is that it is the way prenatal care and birth should be. The birth center takes fear away from the act of giving birth, and paints it as a beautiful, natural life event. It’s the best possible start you can give your newborn! A huge thank you to Kate, Cindy, Brynn & Kelsey for such a wonderful experience
— Hailey Fitzgerald Groleau