Complete Midwifery Care and Much More!

Concord Birth Center is a NH state licensed healthcare facility. It is located approximately 1 mile off I-93, in a beautiful, historic, brick building along the Merrimack river.

The center is designed with labor and birthing in mind; we offer a safe, comfortable environment with an emphasis on freedom of movement and privacy. You will be supported by highly skilled, certified midwives throughout your pregnancy, labor and birth, and postpartum periods. We are located approximately 3 miles from the nearest hospital where obstetrical medical care is available if needed.

Concord Birth Center is committed to offering the highest standard of care available in our community. We are able to give our clients all options for prenatal testing and ultrasounds, with an emphasis on informed choice. Our commitment is to offer women and their families the choice to birth safely in the environment where they feel most comfortable.

We also put an emphasis on strengthening our local community by offering childbirth education classes, workshops, and a new parent’s group that meets weekly. We would love to meet you, show you around, and answer any questions you may have!

Meet our Midwives